Drinks - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel


Taste the time

Just as with food, we like to give a good drink the time and attention it deserves. Whether it’s about juices, wines and beers, or just a good cup of coffee.



Cranberries with flowers of the sumac tree. And a vinegar foam finish. Dry, somewhat tart, bubbly. Like champagne. That’s our exquisite appetizer. At “De Nieuwe Winkel” we offer a juice arrangement. Makes a nice change from wine. These are not mixed juices. They are created through natural fermentation, sometimes for up to eight days. Until you taste something you never knew existed.


Wine and beers

It’s time we put some more trust in nature. If you let nature run its course, often beautiful things can happen. Among them is natural wine, vin naturel, wine produced without unnecessary human intervention. We serve this natural wine at “De Nieuwe Wereld”. Wine that still smells of the land that gave birth to  the grapes. This same artisenal and traditional standard also applies to our beers. Which is why we serve outstanding beers, preferably from local microbreweries.

Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel Nijmegen slow coffee

Slow coffee

We apply no pressure to our coffee. Some coffee beans simply don’t like speed. Fresh and fruity coffee beans, in particular, prefer to be prepared slowly. That’s why we go for slow coffee. We pour hot water on a filter with freshly ground coffee. We allow the beans the time they need to give off their flavor and aroma.