A new season, a new menu: Awaken - De Nieuwe Winkel


A new season, a new menu.



We see nature changing from one season to another. She’s awakening from her Winter’s nap.

The first wild garlic appears, young leaves grow on trees, buds on branches are ready to blossom, nettle surfaces and light green pine tops taste like lemon.

Fresh flavors arise.


A new menu

A new season. A new menu.

Based on plants that grow months long; the almost infinite amount of linden leaf, asparagus and nettle. And micro seasons that sometimes last for just a few days; flowers, young shoots and soft leaves.

We let nature take its course. Our dishes follow. 

From April on we serve “awakening”.

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Our seasons

If you let nature take its course, beautiful things can happen. That is why we follow the seasons. From day to day. From week to week.

We work with four seasons. Every season has its own menu.