Kitchen - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel

The kitchen

Taste the time

For us, taste comes first. We try to amaze you. For example by cooking with plants. Or by experimenting with preparation methods. We believe that you can taste time and attention.

A quest for the future of our food

Our study into food began in 2011. We scoured the world and tried to understand food cultures. To investigate. To allow ourselves to be inspired by the traditions we found. In the course of the years we have translated the insights we have gained, to the food that is available in our region. Because we believe that this is the future of food.

Take the traditional Japanese miso for example, made with soybeans and salt. A preparation with a history going back thousands of years. Here we make it with Dutch pearl barley. The technique of fermentation, however, is exactly the same. Traditional cuisine, reinvented.

De keuken - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel

The chef

Plant in hand. Dirt under his fingernails. That smell. That taste. How can I cook this plant in the best way possible? Chef Emile van der Staak would like nothing better than sit on a log in the Food Forest. The place where new dishes are created. It’s not because he wants to do things that are just that little bit different from what other chefs do. Emile believes that today’s choices determine what tomorrow’s world will look like. And many of these choices revolve around food. That’s why he turns ordinary plants into fingerlicking dishes.

De keuken - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel

Preserve and prepare

Cooking is the formula. Flavor is the outcome. At “De Nieuwe Winkel” we experiment with various methods of preservation and preparation. On top of our turnip dish you will find grated, pickled egg yolk. That’s egg yolk which has been sitting in brine for three months before being grated. Proving that time and attention can be tasted.