March - June


Fresh flavours emerge.

The first warming rays of the sun. Flowers, shoots, buds. Wild garlic covers the ground like a soft blanket, trees grow young leaves and pale green pine buds, tasting of lemon.

June - September


Young vegetables are getting bigger

A treasure trove of flavours and colours. Summer beets and summer cabbage, flowering daylilies, Chinese mahogany and fragrant rosehip flowers.

September - December


Paradise on earth.

A season of beauty and decay. The first trees lose their leaves, but the fruit continues to grow plumper. We reap the fruits of this abundance: chestnuts, fruit, nuts and mushrooms. A plentiful and almost endless harvest.

December - March


Short days and long flavours.

We preserved the bounty we collected. Pickled vegetables, dried berries and pine needles. Ripe and comforting flavours that dispel the cold.