the art of fine food and beverages.


the field within biology dealing with the study of plants.

We are all slowly depleting the earth. Our current consumption pattern is not sustainable, but finite. Moreover, our menu defines the landscape. Just look at the endless fields of ryegrass, mangold and field corn: all this is to produce fodder or hay for dairy cows. We can do things differently.

At De Nieuwe Winkel, we cook to make the world a better place. That’s why we use plants: botanical gastronomy. We look for applications for edible plants. These can be plants that have grown here for centuries, but also plants from further afield. Japanese ginger, Chinese mahogany and honeyberries from Siberia, for instance, feel surprisingly at home in the Netherlands.

Once nature has done its work, it is our turn. We pick. Smell. Taste. Analyse. Ferment. Cook. Until there is something on your plate that amazes and overwhelms you.