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On January 19 an extensive article about our restaurant appeared in Volkskrant Magazine. The report gives a special and unique insight. So are you curious why vegan is the forbidden word and what a day at De Nieuwe Winkel looks like? Then take a look at the Volkskrant website and read the article!


In recent months, we have made some extraordinary discoveries. Using the multi-purpose sunflower, we have finally succeeded in making a butter without dairy. The icing on the cake of a menu with only plants.

Best vegetable restaurant in the world

We're Smart named De Nieuwe Winkel the best vegetable restaurant in the world in early November. After two previous entries (No. 54 in 2020 and No. 2 in 2021) in this green guide, we are ranked No. 1 this year! The verdict said, "Rarely has the story been told so perfectly, the flavours so well balanced, the innovation so innovative and the team's knowledge and motivation so strong!"

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Lekker 500 top 10

De Nieuwe Winkel is in the top 10 of the 'Lekker 500' culinary restaurant guide. Last year we were in place 26, but we have risen to number 8. "The presentations are eye-catching. One of the starters is vegetables of the season, prepared like a ceviche and topped with gooseberry juice, cream of baker's yeast and jalapeño oil. Stunningly good, full of pure flavours and beautifully served. (...) We are genuinely deeply impressed by so much creativity and valuing pure flavours."

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3 Michellin stars

Today, we received word that the Michelin Guide has awarded us not one, but two Michelin stars and the green star. For us, this is an achievement that underlines that we are on the eve of a revolution in gastronomy.

We would like to thank our wonderful guests for their support over the past 11 years and of course a big round of applause for everyone we work with, the farmers, brewers, winemakers and all the pioneers who are part of our never-ending quest. And finally, thank you to the team that made this possible, both past and present. We couldn't have done it without all of you.

Sunflowers and test kitchens

You hear and see about lockdowns and reopenings. Meanwhile, our experiment to turn sunflower into a mint green mousse succeeded and we get a new test kitchen where failure and success go hand in hand.


They were here on a drizzly day. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Our team is a fan of these rappers and by now they are fans of us and the food forest.  Rapper and writer Pepijn (Faberyayo) wrote about his visit to food forest Ketelbroek:

"It's Tuesday. We are in a forest. A food forest. Wouter takes us along the path. He points out a flower from which we can eat the leaves. And the seeds of a spent hogweed. It's a crazy sensation."

Number 2 best vegetable restaurant in the world

We're Smart sees De Nieuwe Winkel as distinctive and finds it’s collaboration with the food forest inspiring.
We were named second best vegetable restaurant in the world by the green guide We're Smart World. They have judged hundreds of restaurants on culinary creativity, carbon footprint and social impact for more than a decade.
Besides the fact that this award is quite an honor, we are very happy that it helps make our message better known internationally. A new standard is needed regarding the menu: fewer animals and more plants. This is why we believe in botanical gastronomy.
Many thanks to everyone who believes with us and all the producers who provide us with the unique ingredients we use to put botanical gastronomy on the map.

No chocolate mousse

Cooking in the food forest. In the TV show ‘De Streken van Van Boven’, chef Yvette van Boven goes in search of the delicacies the Netherlands brings us. She ends up in the food forest, where Chef Emile cooks with her. On the menu are ingredients that are ripe and can be picked: chestnuts, medlars and branches and leaves of the Chinese Mahogany.

And as a bonus, after filming, the TV chef did have time to taste our latest dessert and gave her honest opinion on our "no chocolate mousse" made from chestnuts instead of cocoa beans. "But it does taste like chocolate!"

Two Michelin stars

Plants in the top international restaurant guide. On Saturday morning, two days before the Michelin stars ceremony, the news suddenly leaked. Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel is getting its first star.

We were stunned. Also because of the unexpected revelation, but mostly because we thought other choices were needed to qualify for a Michelin star. In the Netherlands, there was no restaurant revolving around plants with a classic red star before. And now we are the exception to the rule.

The second star De Nieuwe Winkel received, which is green and stands for sustainable gastronomy, feels like the real reward for our philosophy. Because everything on your plate represents something bigger: landscape, climate, animal welfare, sustainability.

In these difficult times, it's a fantastic boost. Botanical gastronomy is in small and big newspapers, our website was jammed by 2200% more visitors in one day and RTL news devoted airtime to the food forest and our cuisine. It gives confidence in the future, you have not forgotten us even now that our doors are closed.

Vegetable of the year

Emile was at the presentation of the restaurant guide Gault&Millau. There, he accepted the award for the best vegetable dish of the year. The vegetable dish awarded as best vegetable dish by Gault&Millau consists of 8 varieties of bean, oil of puffed spring onion and Chinese mahogany: the French onion soup tree.

Gault&Millau's notes praised the interplay between the botanist and the chef:

"With this award, we award a chef who handles vegetables in an exceptional way. We bumped into a headstrong chef who makes us look in a different way to something we've known for a long time. Like many good ideas arise when you least expect it, this chef had an inspiration while sitting on a bench in a food forest. Botanical Gastronomy was born. Where chefs usually know little about plants, a botanist knows all the ins and outs. Botanical Gastronomy brings the two together. The botanist tells what is edible and Emile van der Staak turns it into something special. He works with ingredients no one knows or uses in cooking and transcends many culinary trends."

Stay tuned to the season.

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