Nature - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel


Along with the season

We experiment. We create, examine, and have fun. We discover and fail. We cook primarily with plants. We believe in botanical gastronomy. You eat what we find closeby. In food forests. In kitchen gardens and natural yards. Allow yourself to be surprised. Taste the region.

Botanical gastronomy

At “De Nieuwe Winkel” flavor comes first. But we also cook to help make the world a better place. We believe in honest food, preferably from our own backyard. That’s why we cook with plants: botanical gastronomy. We pick plants. Smell them. Taste them. Analyze them. Ferment them. Cook them. Till there’s something on your plate that will truly astound and overwhelm you.

Sourcing our ingredients from a wholesale store would be too easy. Instead, we’d rather pick them ourselves. So we know exactly where they come from. So you, as our guest, can taste the area and the season. This is why we rummage through Food Forest “Ketelbroek”, in the local town of Groesbeek. Or you may find us in the “Ommuurde Tuin” (Walled Garden) in Renkum, which was once King William III’s vegetable garden.

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Food Forest

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