Restaurant - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel


Along with the seasons.

Look me in the eye. Am I what you’re looking for? I’m not just any restaurant. Sure, I have food. Very good food, even. But I want to make you think. Amaze you. Astonish you. Here what grows in our backyard will be on your plate. Am I what you’re looking for? Allow yourself to be surprised. Just come and taste.

The old orphanage

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Private Dining - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel


If you let nature run its course, beautiful things can happen. Not only when it comes to food, because the same goes for drinks. At De Nieuwe Winkel we like to give it the time and attention a good drink deserves.

For example, we offer an assortment of fermented juices, but also natural wines. Wines in which you smell the countryside from where it is originated. For our beers we work together with a selection of local and artisanal breweries. And when it comes to coffee, time is the most important ingredient.

Private Dining - Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel

Private Dining

De Nieuwe Winkel is a beautiful restaurant with an open kitchen. When you come with a large group, you might prefer our seperate private dining, under the historical arches. Design agency Into The Nightshop from Rotterdam transformed the room into a unique dining. Take a seat at the long 130 years old oak table and enjoy an evening with gastronomic suprises. We’ve got place for twenty people, but also smaller groups are welcome of course. We happily explore the options together with you.